Journey to Vietnam and Cambodia

We spent a little more than 2 weeks touring Vietnam and a couple of days in Cambodia. The tour was organized by Odysseys Unlimited. Our group consisted of 15 people plus a guide, which was just about the perfect size. There were enough people that we didn't get on each other's nerves but not so many that it felt as if we were always in a crowd.

The Vietnamese people are wonderfully warm and friendly! Everybody who passes you on the street smiles and is hoping you will smile back and say "Hello!" If you make the effort to learn even a couple of words in Vietnamese, people laugh with pleasure when you use them.

As a remembrance of the trip, we've put together a multi-media slide show (the link is just below). The show takes almost 30 minutes to play through end to end, and you'll need an updated version of Windows Media Player. The sound track is pretty good, so make sure your speakers aren't muted!

Journey to Vietnam and Cambodia

In case you're wondering about the music, most of it I ripped from a CD that was distributed at the performance of the Thang Long Water Puppets Theatre of Hanoi, a truly amazing show! A couple of the cuts I pulled from video recordings I made with my Canon SD450 camera (talk about an amazing little device!).

As for my pronunciation of Vietnamese, all I can say is, I try. Vietnamese is a tonal language, so speaking is almost like singing. There are six tones: middle, rising, falling, high falling then rising, low falling then rising, and low falling and cut short. If you're interested, you can easily find web sites that will teach you elementary Vietnamese.

We hope you enjoy our travelog!